International Journal of Excellence in Education

ISSN: 1993-8675
Volume: 6 Issue: 1


All the papers in this issue share the common theme of the measuring the effectiveness of e-learning using a wide range of software and hardware devices in a wide variety of learning environments all around the globe.         


  • Aligning multimedia format with knowledge categories in e-learning

    Learning e...

  • Electronic project simulation in Construction Management Education: eLearning as a means to improve simulation

    Managing construction projects effe...

  • An eLearning System for Numerical Methods

    To enrich the teaching and learning of a module called, Numerical Methods for Engineering, an eLearning system has been devised usi...

  • Advancement of MOOCs with Learning Pathways

    In this paper, educational and technical challenges in the field of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), such as cultural adaptation, consideration of learning habits or the efficient construction ...

  • The Future of EduServ

    This Paper is an extension of the paper “EduServ – The Education Service of EuroSDR: Sharing Experience fo...

  • Integrating e-Learning into Health Care Education: the Case of HBMSU