International Journal of Excellence in Education

ISSN: 1993-8675
Volume: 7 Issue: 1


In this issue, it has become clear that technology plays anessential role in improving education at all levels. The utilization oftechnology is central to improving learner outcomes in each of the sevenresearch articles set in very diverse educational settings, from primary schoolchildren to practicing surgeons across the globe. In “TowardsExperiential and Collaborative Pedagogical Models with ...

Scholarly Viewpoint

  • Managing Cyber Risk – how can we innovate?

    There can be no doubt that the risk of using the Internet, or Cyber Space, is increasing at an alarming rate.
    Therisk of using Cyber Space has now become so big that we need innovativesoluti...

  • Blended Learning: Teaching Writing with Technology


    Blended Learning (BL); Moodle; Turnitin; freshman writing;plagiarism

    Statement of the Problem:

    Teaching academic writing has a...

  • Virtual Social Schools: A Potential Solution to Equitable and Quality Education

    Education plays a central role in pure economic development as well as the creation,adaptation, and dissemination of new ideas. Beyond earnings, education contributes to social benefits, individuals’...

  • Towards Experiential and Collaborative Pedagogical Models with Systemic Learning SolutionsTowards Experiential and Collaborative Pedagogical Models with Systemic Learning Solutions

    Experiential learning and collaborative modes of studying are often emphasized when using of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in education. How characteristics of these pedagogi...