International Journal of Excellence in Tourism, Hospitality and Catering

ISSN: 1993-8683
Volume: 4 Issue: 12


Learning from Case Studies in Tourism, Hospitality and Catering

Syed Aziz Anwar

Case studies are invaluable in qualitative research pertaining to tourism, hospitality and catering. In fact, they have the potential to generate cutting-edge knowledge for scholars and practitioner alike. However, ...

Scholarly Viewpoint
Qatar: A Tourism Destination Brand on its Way to Becoming Place Brand

Juergen Gnoth

With just 1.69 million people the Arab nation of Qatar is venturing to host the soccer world cup tournament in 2022. Having won the rights to the contest, that country on the edge of Saudi Arabia dividing the P ...

  • Satisfaction of Tourists with MRT Services: An Empirical Investigation


    The objective of this study is to contribute to the literature by developing a conceptual model of satisfaction of inbound touri...

  • Caribou Coffee: A Strategic Analysis

    Caribou Coffee Inc. is one of the largest coffeehouse operators in the United States. While, the company produces quality coffee and espresso-based beverages along with specialty t...

  • Business Excellence in the UAE: A Case Study of Dubai International Airport

    Business excellence has come to occupy commanding heights in the UAE. In recent years, policy makers have taken steps to inculcate a culture of excellence across organizations in the ...