International Journal of Excellence in Healthcare Management

ISSN: 1993-8659
Volume: 5 Issue: 1


Dear readers,

Following two years of hibernation, The International Journal of Excellence in Healthcare Management is being revamped with a reorganization of the Editorial Board and a refining of the scope of the journal; “…to be a platform for understanding issues related to quality in Healthcare Management and act as an international forum for the exchange of global thoughts ...

Scholarly Viewpoint

  • Knowledge and Beliefs Related to Cervical Cancer, Pap Smear Screening and HPV Vaccination among Women in Umm Al Qawain, UAE

    Purpose: To assess the level of knowledge of women pertaining to cervical cancer, pap smear screening, and HPV vaccination in Umm Al Qawain (U...

  • Preventing Healthcare Insurance Fraud in Dubai – a Risk Management Approach

    Health insurance fraud is a major challenge for healthcare managers in nations with health insurance schemes, as it increases healthcare costs and raises patient premiums witho...

  • Letter to the Editor: The Hidden Solvent: sugary drinks’ consumption and dental caries

    Letter to Editor

  • Letter to the Editor: Addressing childhood obesity in UAE

    Letter to the Editor