International Journal of Excellence in Healthcare Management

ISSN: 1993-8659
Volume: 4 Issue: 2


Professor Rachid Hadj-Hamou
Senior Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor
Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University

The creation of knowledge in healthcare management, particularly in the Arab World has become a phenomenon of increasing importance for academics and practitioners alike, but many of its implications have yet to explored fully. In this edition, we publish three interesting art ...

  • Clustering of Cardiovascular Risk Factor among Global Village Visitors in Dubai, UAE


    To estimate the prevalence of some selected risk factors associated with the development of cardiovascular disease in people visiting ...

  • Current Level of the Community Pharmacist's First Aid Management Experience across the Northern Emirates, UAE


    The aim of the study was to investigate the current levels of pharmacist’s first aid experience and their views on the role in community ph...

  • Elevated Cardiac troponin T in Hemodialysis patients without Acute Coronary Synrome

    The Objective: to investigate the false positive of serum Troponin T Level in ESRD patients without any signs of myocardial damage. The data has been collected from ESRD patients in UAQ Hospital, a...