International Journal of Excellence in e-Learning

ISSN: 1996-871X
Volume: 2 Issue: 1

  • Oman’s Online Teacher Training Project: A Case Study

    In order to prepare its young population for the future, Oman undertook efforts to provide continuing p...

  • The Net generation in higher education: rhetoric and reality

    A prevailing view of today's post secondary learners is that they are fundamentally different than previous generations in how they learn, what they value in e...

  • Transition to e-Learning in a Gulf Arab Country

    In e-learning, students need to develop new skills and modify behaviours that were successful in a trad...

  • An Investigation of User Ratings of Websites within a Social Bookmarking Activity

    This manuscript describes a pilot investigation of user ratings in a 10-week social bookmarking activit...

Book Review
Wenger E., McDermott R., Snyder W.M. (2002) Cultivating Communities of Practice, Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 284 p., ISBN 1-57851-330-8 

This book should be regarded as a more practical (and maybe more mature) continuation of Etienne Wenger's “ Communities of practice: learning, meaning, and identity” published in 1998  ..