International Journal of Excellence in e-Learning

ISSN: 1996-871X
Volume: 2 Issue: 2

  • Digital Natives Are Not Necessarily Willing Mobile e-Learners

    The findings of two studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong are reported. The digital natives study investigated the use of technology by our 1st year students. The data showed...

  • Web-Based Animated and Interactive Maps in Distance Education

    Students at tertiary level  experience difficulty to gain mastery of geographic skills such as identification and interpretation of geographical information and map reading. Web-...

  • A Generic Approach for Developing an Online Learning Object Repository Using Semantic Web

    The development of learning objects which are smaller chunks of learning content, is often time consuming and expensive. Recent efforts in producing learning objects that are reusa...

  • A Baseline Study on the Internet Information Search Proficiencies of Polytechnic Students in Singapore

    The Internet has emerged as a versatile information repository tool that offers immense potential in playing an instrumental role in optimizing the transactional dynamics of teachi...

Book Review
Bryn Holmes
Education across Borders: Politics, Policy and Legislative Action

Fegan, James; Field, Malcolm H. (Eds.)
2009, XXIV, 236 p., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-4020-9410-1
Published by Springer