International Journal of Excellence in e-Learning

ISSN: 1996-871X
Volume: 4 Issue: 2


This scholarly journal provides an outlet for interesting, topical, current and contextualised articles. Scholars and practitioners from any part of the world have an excellent opportunity to discuss and analyse theoretical, empirical, practical and even pedagogical issues affecting the construction of the e-Learning paradigm.

  • Logic Programming in Decision Support Systems

    The paper discusses a logic programming in decision support systems which deals with probabilistic type of uncertainty. The approach is intended for solving decision making and knowle...

  • Language and Power: Translators as Intercultural Agents in Ethnographic Educational Research

    This paper is a modest attempt at resisting homogenizing and simplifying the process in handling the ethics of interpreting and translating in an ethnographic study that I conducted o...

  • Digital Learning Spaces: An Alternative to Traditional Learning Management System?

    E-learning has been traditionally delivered using learning management systems (LMS). However, educators have become increasingly critical of current LMS. Costs have spiraled as LMS ve...