International Journal of Excellence in Islamic Banking and Finance

ISSN: 2220-8291
Volume: 5 Issue: 1


Thetraditional Islamic jurisprudence values time in many different forms of tradeand business transactions. The sale of goods against credit, known as bay’al-nasi’ah or bay’ al-mu’ajjal, and the advanced sale of goods, known as bay’al-salam, are both recognized as legitimate forms of contract by the majorschools of Islamic ...

Scholarly Viewpoint

  • Islamic Finance Stability

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  • Conformity Level of AAOIFI Accounting Standards by Six Islamic Banks of Bangladesh

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  • Factors Influencing the Penetration Rate of Malaysian Takāful Industry from Takāful Managers’ Perspective

    Purpose: This paper sought to find the factors influencing Takāful market penetration based on the experience of managers of Takāful operators. Methodology

  • Risk Management in Islamic Banking

    Purpose: T this work studied the risks to the Islamic banking and tries to examine the performance of risk management in a group of Islamic banks for the period between1997-2...

  • Takaful Based On Business: Partnership -With Special Reference to Bahrain

    Purpose: This paper proposes an innovative Takaful or Islamic Insurance, based on business partnership model with special reference to Bahrain. The word Takaful originates f...

  • Ṣarf-Based Islamic Microcredit Facility

    Purpose : The purpose of this study is to propose an alternative structure of Islamic microcredit facility using ṣarf (currency exchange) contract as its underlying pri...