International Journal of Excellence in Islamic Banking and Finance

ISSN: 2220-8291
Volume: 5 Issue: 2

Dear Readers,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our new issue of the International Journal of Excellence in Islamic Banking and Finance (IJEIBF). Our journal is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge about the issues of strategic relevance facing Islamic banking and finance sectors. In line with its mission, we are proud to present t ...

Scholarly Viewpoint

  • Customers’ satisfaction towards Baytik Ijarah card: A case study of Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain

    Baytik Ijarah card is a Shariah compliant product issued by Kuwait Finance House (KFH) in Bahrain. It is an alternative to the credit card. The card has been in the market since 2008 but to the bes...

  • The Influence of the Sharia Supervisory Board on Bank Risk-Taking: Evidence from Islamic Banks in GCC Countries

    Purpose -This study examines how the structure of Sharia Supervisory Board and other corporate governance variables influence the risk-taking for a sample of 29 Islamic banks from ...

  • Resilience of Islamic Financial System during Crisis Period

    Purpose: The purpose of the study is to examine how Islamic financial system has dealt with the most recent financial crisis.
    Methodology: The study has used A...