International Journal of Excellence in Education

ISSN: 1993-8675

Journal Overview

Unique Attributes

The International Journal of Excellence in Education aspires to shape the future of education by examining Quality Assurance, Learning Effectiveness and Best Practices application that drive quality and excellence in Schools and Institutions.

The Journal is also an opportunity for debating quality issues related to this important sector and will network professionals in schools, colleges and universities besides training professionals from select industries.

The Journal works towards a balance between sound theory and effective practice. Articles are a good mix of theoretical frameworks blended with experiences, best practices and case studies, to ensure practical implications based on sound theory. Self-assessment tools and benchmarking data will help those concerned with the education sector to measure the "As-Is" state.

In sum, the Journal will help develop deep knowledge about continuous improvement and its implementation in the education sector to ensure a culture of excellence.


In a world driven increasingly by the knowledge economy, countries are measured by the intellectual capital they produce and own rather than physical assets. In this millennium, a country's competitive advantage will lie with the quality of its human resources. World-class education systems can make a difference in ensuring that this human resources power is tapped to the maximum possible.

Globalization and the spread of ICT tools have driven a massive change in the way education has been conceptualised and delivered. New educational tools sprout every month. The Internet, television and the ubiquitous mobile have changed the way learners learn forever.

Those involved with the business of education face the twin pressures of stakeholders demanding improved quality of education and ever increasing costs. Striking the right balance between theory and practice, between costs and outcomes, between online and face-to-face and many other aspects to ensure excellence is the only way forward. The International Journal of Excellence in Education seeks to address the practical implications, backed by sound theory, for those involved in education - be it policy maker or career professionals in education.

Key Benefits

The International Journal of Excellence in Education looks at global experiences, methodologies at both micro- and macro-levels and demonstrates impact of these and discusses outcomes and benefits of such approaches. The Journal focuses on identifying and communicating practical case studies, good practices and innovations in education from the U.K., the U.S., Singapore, and elsewhere to help educators offer students and other stakeholders a world-class experience. Specific issues that are addressed such as leadership challenges in modernising education, motivating teachers, managing learning with technology support, dynamics of learning behaviour in a school or institutional environment and a host of other issues can help those involved with this sector in building excellent educational institutions.

Key Journal Audiences

  • University & College Professors & Lecturers
  • School Principals, Teachers and Administrators
  • Freelance Researchers
  • Government policy makers and Educationists
  • Corporate Trainers and training managers
  • Teacher development Centres