International Journal of Excellence in Education

ISSN: 1993-8675

Journal Coverage

The Journal's coverage ranges from governmental policies, design and implementation of strategies that ensure ROI in education to practical aspects of delivery. With the increasing impact of technology in everyday life, the Journal critically looks at the role of technology in enhancing learning and education and discusses some of the latest innovative methods of managing classrooms and virtual learning. The coverage includes:

  • Review of educational policies of governments
  • Winning strategies to implement policies effectively
  • Ensuring ROI in education
  • Proper Planning and implementation in Universities, Colleges and Schools
  • Training & Developing teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Practical aspects for ensuring excellent education
  • Effective blending of online to ensure cost effectiveness without losing on quality
  • Collaborative techniques to ensure group learning
  • Challenges in working with students with disabilities and difficult learners
  • Use of tools and techniques
  • Measurement & Benchmarking
  • Evaluation of learning solutions
  • Self Assessments
  • Best practice applications in schools & institutions
  • Principles for partnerships in Education Providing
  • Role of teachers and colleges in knowledge dissemination of future
  • Community based partnerships to ensure effective education
  • Cost effectiveness aspects of education provision