International Journal of Excellence in Education

ISSN: 1993-8675

Message From the Editor

As the Editor of the International e-Journal of Excellence in Education, I am pleased to welcome you to a wide variety of computing related articles presented in this e-journal which continues to grow and enhance the literature of quality education. We encourage you to join the ranks of authors in this double-blind refereed journal publication.

For the last two academic years, we had several plans that have currently been carried out to keep on improving the quality of our journal. At present, the acceptance rate for the journal is about 30%, and our referees do their best to provide directions to help us improve our thinking and our writing. This will help us present a broad collection of views from educators and education scholars in the Journal.

Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University is seeking alliances with many e-publishers; these alliances will provide the journal simultaneous availability online via other databases. This will allow access to the journal through universities and proprietary libraries worldwide. It will increase the exposure that our authors’ publications would receive and for further visibility of this Journal.

I am pleased to report that we have substantial number of articles in the pipeline. We anticipate that several of the papers that are being prepared for presentations at related international conferences will also be submitted to this Journal for review and possible inclusion in upcoming issues. 

Thanks again to our dedicated Editorial Advisory Board, reviewers, scholars, and practitioners who have submitted manuscripts.

We look forward to your comments, suggestions and submission of research articles, either theoretical or applied or both. 

Dr. Khadeegha Alzouebi
Postgraduate Programs Director, School of e-Education
Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, UAE