International Journal of Excellence in Healthcare Management

ISSN: 1993-8659

About the Journal

The International Journal of Excellence in Healthcare Management is a refereed journal published by Hamdan Bin Mohammed  Smart University.

The journal is designed to be a platform for understanding issues related to quality in Healthcare Management and act as an international forum for the exchange of global thoughts and practices regarding excellence in healthcare.

The topics addressed are managerial and educational in nature, which encourage the transfer of theoretical and time-tested aspects of healthcare into practice. By focussing on the practical aspects of quality assurance, innovation, management, continuous improvement and performance management, the Journal aspires to provide a network for practitioners to improve quality within their individual organisations.

We posit that high quality healthcare needs to be consumer centred, driven by reliable information, and organized for safety. We welcome research studies which identify evidence based healthcare interventions, epidemiological studies (e.g. risk factors for a given disease or prevalence/incidence of healthcare problems), as well as evaluation of public health interventions. We welcome studies reviewing efficacy and safety of healthcare procedures and drugs. Studies on innovative educational, technological or motivational interventions that may improve health care service quality will be considered for publication.

The journal is published in digital format and available online from

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