International Journal of Excellence in Healthcare Management

ISSN: 1993-8659

Journal Overview

Unique Attributes

The International Journal of Excellence in Healthcare Management acts as an international exchange of theoretical and practical aspects of quality in healthcare management and helps to develop knowledge about continuous improvement and its implementation in healthcare organisations.

The Journal works towards a balance between sound theory and effective practice. Articles are a good mix of theoretical frameworks blended with experiences, best practices and case studies, to ensure practical implications based on sound theory.


Healthcare Management has undergone tremendous changes in recent years, and modern approaches now use an empowering, multi-dimensional, multi-professional approach that relates to varied settings, differing organisations and complex workplaces. The industry is still weighed down by substantive administrative, staffing and financial difficulties. Besides, quality standards of service, training and management have traditionally been difficult to achieve. The Journal analyses present day managerial and planning methodologies, discusses and debates the impact of quality initiatives in healthcare organisations.

Key Benefits

This leading edge journal reflects the latest modern thinking from around the globe about healthcare management and offers stimulating coverage of current issues, interventions and initiatives, and presents incisive evidence, research and information to inform and inspire those involved in the theory and practice of healthcare management.

Key Journal Audiences 

  • Professional managers in health services
  • Healthcare managers, from both public and private sectors
  • Nursing staff introducing quality management methodologies
  • Government Health department administrators
  • Healthcare instructors and academics
  • Researchers in Healthcare