International Journal of Excellence in Public Sector Management

ISSN: 1993-8640

Editorial Policies

Editorial Objectives

To focus on the increasingly difficult demands of balancing between sound theory and innovative practices to ensure that delivery of e-learning systems gains and excellence in all ways. To promote well-considered policies, catalyze sound strategies, transfer good practices and report on innovations within the e-learning field, highlighting the need for excellence.

Responsibilities of the Editorial Board

The Editorial board of the journal is expected to ensure high quality of materials to be published, safeguarding the interest of the journal. All members of the Editorial board will be expected to assist in soliciting submissions and promoting the journal and contribute to viewpoints and special issues of the journal. Upon receipt of papers, they will be responsible to evaluate and review them in a timely and thoroughly manner, and provide extensive and constructive reviews and/or feedbacks, in regards to provide the authors proper guidelines and direction.