International Journal of Excellence in e-Learning

ISSN: 1996-871X

About the Journal

The International Journal of Excellence in e-Learning is a refereed journal, by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University.

The journal aims at providing the right platform for encouraging research, development and practices of e-learning, alongside understanding, managing and complying with the Quality issues related to it.

The journal further aims to support community building and foster open e-learning standards. It will also update the e-learning researchers, practitioners, learners and all others related on the latest developments, innovations, changing thoughts and underlying practices in the field. The Journal aspires to facilitate the desired changes and re-alignments in education systems to ensure effective delivery of e-learning opportunities at all levels.

The journal is published bi-annually and is available online. It also strives to maintain an international balance by relying on experts from various corners of the world. The author and the publisher take equal rights of individual articles. Any article that appears in The International Journal of Excellence in e-Learning may be retrieved, with permission from the editor. When this material is quoted, the author, title of the article, and the journal issue must be cited.