International Journal of Excellence in Environmental Management

ISSN: 2220-8283

Editorial Board

Honorary Editor-in-Chief

Professor Farouk El Baz 
Director, Center for Remote Sensing
Boston University, USA



Founding Editor

Dr. Meshgan Al-Awar
Director, Research & Studies Center
Dubai Police Academy, UAE



Editorial Board

Anna M. Clark
EarthPeople, USA

Dr. Clarence Spigner
Faculty Director, Global Partnerships of Travel Grant
Professor, Department of Health Services
University of Washington, USA

Professor Syed Al-Junaid
Professor, Health Economics
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Global Health
United Nations University, Malaysia

Professor M. Anaam Hashmi
Professor of International Business and Finance
Minnesota State University, USA

Dr. Mohamed Yousef Al-Madfaei
Executive Director
Integrated Policy and Planning Sector Environment Agency, UAE

Professor Ahmad Al-Malabeh
Director, Center of Environmental Studies
Hashmite University, Jordan