Reviewing Process

Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University’s international journals are currently published bi-annually. The submissions are reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief and those selected for further review are sent for a double-blind peer review to members of the editorial team. On the basis of these reviews, the Editor then :

  1. Accepts the paper for publication with no changes
  2. Accepts the paper for publication with only minor editorial changes
  3. Accepts the paper for publication provided it is amended in line with the reviewers’
  4. Recommends a  major revision and offers the chance to resubmit for
    consideration in another issue
  5. Rejects the paper as unsuitable for publication.

The entire process of submission, reviewing and status update will be conducted online. Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged.  Once the reviewing process is complete, all relevant reviews will be forwarded to the authors.