The focus of the journal is to bring together researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and other stakeholders to exchange ideas, knowledge, and best practices in order to improve health outcomes of populations and to promote sustainable development.

Scope and Topics of Interest:

The Journal of Excellence in Wellness and Environmental Studies (EWES) has a broad scope, covering a variety of topics of interest related to the environment, health, and well-being. Among these topics are, but are not limited to:

Physical Wellness

Mental Wellness

Well-being for quality of life

Smart Built Environment

Environment, Health, and Wellbeing

Environmental Technology

Quality of Healthcare

Innovative health metrics and big data analysis

Operational Research in Quality Health Services

Telemedicine and alternative models of quality healthcare

Innovative research in Environmental Studies


Key Benefits:

Launching the Journal of Excellence in Wellness and Environmental Studies can bring several key benefits for Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University. Here are a few of the most important benefits:

  1. Increased visibility and recognition: Launching a peer-reviewed journal can increase the university's visibility and recognition in the international academic community.


  1. Attraction of high-quality research: The journal will serve as a venue for publishing high-quality research from both local and international authors, thereby contributing to the university's and the UAE's academic reputation.


  1. Academic exchange and collaboration will be facilitated: The journal will facilitate academic exchange and collaboration among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers both locally and internationally.


  1. Interdisciplinary research promotion: Because the journal's scope includes both public health and environmental science, it will encourage interdisciplinary research and collaboration.


  1. Contribution to sustainable development: By promoting research in the fields of public health and environmental science, the journal will help to ensure the UAE's and other countries' long-term development.


  1. Improved health outcomes: The journal will serve as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and best practices in public health, potentially leading to better health outcomes for populations.


  1. Economic benefits: The journal is expected to generate revenue once it is indexed in reputable bodies such as Scopus and has demonstrated consistent publication proficiency.


Target Audience:

The journal's goal is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge among a diverse group of stakeholders, including academics and researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and individuals interested in environmental and health issues. A wide range of professionals will be interested in the journal, including:

University and College Professors

Environmental Practitioners

Individuals Interested in Environment and Sustainable Development

Researchers and Scientists in the fields of public health and environmental science

Policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders involved in promoting sustainable development and improving health outcomes of populations.

Government Policymakers

Professional Consultants

Multilateral Organizations (World Bank, WHO, UN Agencies)