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Dr. Tarek Abdelfatah

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Language: English
Frequency: 2 issues/year
ISSN: 2220-8291

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About the Journal

The International Journal of Excellence in e-Solutions for Management is a refereed journal published by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart-University. The mission of the journal is to be the leading outlet for the best research in service excellence in business and management.

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The International Journal of Excellence in Islamic Banking and Finance (IJEIBF) strives to enhance excellence in Islamic banking and finance sectors all over the world. It is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge about the issues of great strategic relevance facing Islamic banking and finance sectors. The journal is also a forward-looking, interdisciplinary forum for discussing pressing corporate governance and regulatory issues related to these important sectors and will network scholars and practitioners in Islamic banking and finance sectors. The journal emphasizes evaluative, empirical, critical and ethical inquiry into the dynamics of Islamic banking and finance sectors in interaction with a clientele of a diverse multicultural society.