Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) is a leading e-learning institution in the Arab World committed to the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge through the publication of cutting-edge research in online journals. The journals pull together disparate academic disciplines and managerial functions to enhance the quality of knowledge and decision-making.

The main objectives of the journals include the following.

  • Providing a platform for sharing research output with academic, business and government sectors;
  • Fostering scientific research activities, particularly in the Arab World, and
  • Collaborating, whenever possible, with academic and professional organizations in any part of the world to promote the scientific research agenda of HBMSU.

HBMSU’s online journals are as follows:

-    International Journal of Excellence in Healthcare management – ISSN: 1993-8659

-    International Journal of Excellence in Islamic Banking and Finance - ISSN: 2220-8291

-    International Journal of Excellence in Environmental Management  - ISSN: 2220-8283

-    International Journal of Excellence in Smart Learning

-    International Journal in Service Excellence  


Frequently asked questions


1. How do I submit my article?

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2. Where can I find instructions for a specific journal?

Kindly advise or link to the pages for the journals.


3. What happens if my paper gets rejected? Any other options?

If it is rejected with revisions, the article maybe considered again for review if suggestions have been taken into account. You may also be re-directed to submit to another more suitable journal.


4. What happens after my article has been accepted?

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5. Can you give me more information about copyright?

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6. How can I find out about the status of my journal manuscript?

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7. How can I share my full article, e.g. on social media?

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