The International Journal of Service Excellence (IJSE) is a refereed journal published by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University. The mission of the journal is to be the leading outlet for the best research in service excellence in business and management.

The journal is designed to be an international exchange of ideas and innovation in the implementation of quality and service excellence. It aspires to bring about a culture of excellence in public sector by publishing assiduously peer-reviewed articles that address emerging issues in public sector management. Of particular interest is theory-based empirical research, reviews or syntheses of research or discussions on using quality principles and techniques to improve efficiency and effectiveness of public sector managers



The range of topics covered is very wide given the nature of operations in this sector. An indicative list includes: 

  • The impact of technology and AI on quality of work and productivity in organizations
  • Change and Innovation Management
  • Organizations of the future
  • Future models of Excellence and quality measurements
  • Paradigm Shifts in Excellence Programs
  • Block chain and Quality Management
  • Strategies to implement policies effectively
  • New perspectives on leadership
  • Monetary and fiscal policy
  • Suitable Quality Management Systems
  • Change Management
  • Measurement & benchmarking performance post-reform
  • Public procurement and e-tendering
  • Principles for partnerships in providing services
  • Re-engineering for effectiveness
  • Public sector-private sector partnerships
  • e-Governance and IT to manage costs without compromising on quality



Globally, public sector budgets are shrinking and staffing levels reducing. On the other hand, general public expectations are rising with increasing exposure to private sector efficiencies and quality of service in areas traditionally reserved for the public sector. Given these twin pressures, how do public sector managers ensure that they manage their resources efficiently and effectively and ensure delivery of key outcomes? Exposure to globally prevalent concepts and ideas, methods and techniques, besides case studies and best practices is essential to ensure excellence in public sector.



Key Benefits

Public and private sector managers need exposure to innovative ideas and implementation methodologies besides an opportunity to learn from successes elsewhere – and, this is what the Journal aspires to deliver to them. Articles drawn from different parts of the globe will expose them to new ways of approaching old problems. Focusing on issues of common concern to public sector managers the world over, the Journal is essential reading for everyone involved in management and research in the public sector.


Key Journal Audiences 

  • Civil services managers and officials
  • Professional managers in public services
  • Managers and consultants from international agencies
  • Managers in government departments and local authorities
  • Academics and researchers in the field